Vitoli Sealing Cup Machine CS-400FA

Vitoli sealing cup machine CS-400FA used for food and drink. Vitoli sealing cup machine CS-400FA product technological design is advanced, have the advantages of easy to move, convenient to operate, time saving, labor-saving, and electricity etc. Vitoli sealing cup machine CS-400FA suitable for small food factory, beverage factory and restaurant etc.

Stock Code:880325037



Type: Auto
Power: 360W
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Capacity: 300-400 cup / hour
PE (Polyethylene): 170°C
PP (Polypropylene): 170-200°C
PS (Polystyrene): 180°C
PET (Polyester): 160-200°C
Gross Weight: 26 Kg
Dimension: (L) 450 x (W) 330 x (H) 620 mm


Easy to open film
Advance design
Easy to move
Convenient to move
Time saving
Labor saving
Technological design
Easy to operate

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