Vitoli Pneumatic Sealer QLF-700A

Vitoli Sealing big bag QLF-700A is a sealing machine pressure type. Vitoli Sealing big bag QLF-700A meet the requirement of packing big and heavy object. Vitoli Sealing big bag QLF-700A have the advantage of enhancing the work efficiency, making the sealing more smooth, decreasing the working intense when the object is very heavy. Vitoli Sealing big bag QLF-700A has reasonable structure, stable quality, dependable capacity, the operation is very easy, can use both hand and foot. Vitoli Sealing big bag QLF-700A can be used in the industry of chemical, industrial, foodstuff and feedstuffs.

Stock Code:880325021



Type: Pressure Type
Power: 2 kW
Voltage: AC 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Sealing Length: 700 mm
Packing Speed: 0 – 10 times / minutes
Sealing Time: 0 – 3s
Cooling Time: 0 – 10s
Work Air Pressure: 4 – 6 Kg / cm²
Packing Bag Height: 450 – 750 mm
Thick of Film (Single Level): <= 0.2 mm
Conveyor Loading: 50 Kg
Distance from Sealing Position to Ground: 1120 mm
Maximum Counting Number: 99999 / bags
Adjustable Angle of Press Head: 20°
Weight: 100 Kg
Dimension: (L) 720 x (W) 560 x (H) 1340 mm


Sealing smooth and reasonable structure
Stable quality
Dependable capacity
Easy operation
Can use both hand and foot
Sealing power is large
Easily seal the normal plastic film with single thick not more than 0.2mm
The air and electricity combines in this machine
Sealing effect is perfect
The conveyor and the sealing pression height can be adjusted to the best state
The conveyor table’s structure is very strong
Adopts air-pressure mode to work
Sealing pressure is well-proportioned and stable
Can record and show producing number ( maximum number is 99999)
Good brand product
Ensure the quality and reliability of the machine

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