Uelex Motorized Trolley USM0200-H

Uelex Motorized Trolley USM0200-H is 2 ton chain hoist for material handling. These trolley is electric trolley for electric chain hoist. The unique side of trolley drive smoothly guide system. USM0200-H motorized trolley can move up to 2 ton hoist and materials throughout a facility with the simple push of a button. The motorized trolley USM0200-H can lift with single speed at 22.5 m/min and lifting motor with single speed at 0.4 kW.

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Capacity: 2 Ton
Lifting Speed (Single Speed): 22.5 m/min
Lifting Motor (Single Speed): 0.4kW
Travel Speed (Single Speed): 18.75 m/min
Phase: 3Ph / 4P
Frequency: 50Hz
Flange Width: 75 – 175 mm
Min. Radius For Curve: 1000 mm
Dimension: (L) 730 x (W) 300 x (H) 230 mm


Easy to install with minimal headroom requirements
Specially designed side roller system
Simple structure gear box
Well balanced and light weight
Minimum maintenance
Easily adjustable to fit a wide range of beam width simply by adjusting the number of collars
Durable, reliable and compatible
Standard anti-tilt and anti-drop devices
Double row sealed bearings manage radial and axial loads
Standard 4-button type switch (Up/Down/East/West)
Custom travel speeds available
Made in Taiwan

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