Uelex Electric Chain Hoist US020N-L

Uelex Electric Chain Hoist US020N-L is available in capacities up to 2 tones with single speed options. It is designed for flexibility and durability in lifting. The electric chain hoist can lift up to 2000 kg with rugged design. The US020N-L chain hoist are used in a wide range of applications from factory style handling to construction sites.

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Capacity: 2 Ton
Lifting Speed (Single Speed): 2.8 m/min
Lifting Motor (Single Speed): 1.0kW
Phase: 3 Ph
Load Chain Fall Lines: 2
Net Weight: 63 Kg
Gross Weight: 69 Kg
Duty Rating: 45%
Min. Distance C Between Hooks: 630 mm
Hook: Heat forging + heat treatment
Dimension: * a : 530 mm
* b : 260 mm
* d : 270 mm
* e : 350 mm
* f : 198 mm
* g : 62 mm
Packing: (L) 620 x (W) 440 x (H) 410


Easy to handling
The chain imported FEC80 ultra heat-treatable steel alloy
chain bag – Light and durable
The limit switch devise is installed where the weight is lifted on and off to make the motor to stop automatically so as to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety.
Fast-acting magnetic brake cuts in when power supply is interrupted
Slip clutch equipped with over-load device, adjustable for loading and against upward and downward movements.
The aluminum alloy motor housing is light in weight
Provides good heat dissipation, allowing up to 30 minutes continuous duty
Fully-enclosed design
Distance between upper hanger and lower hanger is shorter
Made in Taiwan

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