Uelex Electric Chain Hoist US010E

Uelex Chain hoist electric US010E is designed for lifting heavy weight products only. The electric chain hoist can lift up to 1000 kg with power source single phase and lifting speed at 4.7 m/min. It is a light equipment for lifting which is suitable for applications in foundries, electro-plating factories ,and etc.

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Brochure:  Uelex Electric Chain Hoist US010E


Capacity: 1 Ton
Lifting Speed (Single Speed): 4.7 m/min
Lifting Motor (Single Speed): 1.0kW
Power Source: 1 Ph 240V
Load Chain Fall Lines: 1
Net Weight: 52.5 Kg
Gross Weight: 58.5 Kg
Duty Rating: 45%
Packing: (L) 620 x (W) 440 x (H) 410


Fast-acting magnetic brake cuts in when power supply is interrupted
Slip clutch equipped with over-load device
The aluminium alloy motor housing is light in weight
Provides good heat dissipation
Fully-enclosed design
Simple parts and less maintenance
Chain – japanese-made FEC 80 super alloy steel
Excellent strength and toughness hooks
Safety catches on top and bottom hooks
Made in Taiwan

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