Tokai Power Tiller TK15

Tokai Power Tiller TK15 is designed for both pulling and driving, and may be equipped with the diesel engine model TK140NE.The tractor is equipped with riding installation for operation, so as to lighten the driver’s degree of fatigue and raise its labour productivity, suit for paddy and dry field, orchard, vegetable field and slight sloping field. It can be used as a power source for a variety of stationary operations in the rural area. For example pumping, spraying, threshing, feed grinding and milling etc. It also can be used as a transport vehicle with a trailer.

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Model of Engine: TK140NE
Engine Rated Power: 15Hp
Overall Dimension: 2950 x 980 x 1240 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance: 210 mm
Rubber Wheel: 570 – 810 mm
Iron Wheel: 850 – 1090 mm
Weight: 558 Kg (with engine)
Fuel Tank: 9 Kg
Engine Cooling System: 15 Kg
Engine Oil Sump: 2.5 Kg
Gearbox: 6 Kg
Transmission Case: 0.2 Kg
Rotary Tiller Transmission Case: 0.8 Kg
Speed Forward: 1.41, 2.51, 4.21, 5.22, 9.27, 15.56 km / hour
Speed Reverse: 1.11, 4.12 km / hour
Speed Of Rotary Tiller Blade Shaft: 1st Speed: Low 221, High 276 rpm
Speed Of Rotary Tiller Blade Shaft: 1st Speed: Low 256, High 320 rpm
Productivity Ploughing Depth: 17 – 23 cm
Productivity Ploughing Depth: 33 cm
Productivity Tilling Depth: 12 – 17 cm
Productivity Tilling Width: 80 cm
Fuel Consumption: <= 258.4 g /hour
Oil Consumption: <= 1.7 litre
Implement: Rotary cultivator – 24 blades / 800 mm
Tyre Inflation pressure: 1.1 – 1.4 kg / cm² (Field work)
Tyre Inflation pressure: 1.8 – 2.0 kg / cm² (Transportation)
Net Weight (With Drawbar): 375 Kg
Net Weight (With Rotary Tiller): 485 Kg


Compact and simplicity in construction
Easy operating and transferring
High durability
Reliability and adaptability
Minimum maintenance
Comfortable sitting arrangement
Double speed rotary tilling shaft
Warranty 1 year
Standard accessories: Iron wheel, tapak itik, toolkit and manual

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