Tokai Pneumatic Agitator AP55S3

Tokai Pneumatic Agitator AP55S3 is a device to put something into motion by shaking or stirring. Tokai Pneumatic Agitator AP55S3 is a comprehensive range of fluid process mixing system for use in an extensive of industrial applications. AP5553 is for 55 gallons (208 liter) drum and work continuously in case of working without stop, use with less than 80% of maximum rotation.

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Power : 0.25HP
Mounted Type : Clamp
Max. Input : 0.6Mpa
Torque : 0.96n.m
Speed : 900rpm
Noise Level: < 70dBA @ 100 - 800 rpm
Air Consumption : 130 L/min
Free Speed : 1800 rpm
Start Torque : 3.43 n.m
Stop Torque : 4.09 n.m
Work Speed : 800 rpm
Diameter of blade : 6″(150mm)
Weight : 9kg
Air Pressure : 0.3 – 0.6Mpa
Wetted Part Material : 304 SST
Environment Temp. : -10~+70°C (used in unfrozen condition)
Dimension- Overall Length: 1130 mm
Dimension-Shaft Length: 880 mm


Large torque
Smooth working and little shocking
Simple structure and easily maintain
Material : Air Motor Driven / 304 SST propeller and shaft
Complete explosion-proof with no spark
Endurable to high temperature with self cooling
Easy to remote, automatic control available
Usable in bad environment of moisture & dust
Wide-range adjustment available for rotation
Easy to use and easy to maintain and service

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