Tokai Mist Duster Sprayer MDT43

Tokai Mist Duster Sprayer MDT43 is one kind of portable, flexible and efficient machinery for plant protection. It is mainly used in prevention and cure of diseases and pests of plant such as cotton, rice, wheat, fruit trees, tea trees, banana trees, etc. It can also be used for chemical weeding, epidemic prevention, sanitation protection in cities, vegetable protection, etc. Thin spraying liquid droplet, blowing the leaves by wind so that both sides of the leaves can have pesticides. Widely used in agriculture sectors.

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Type: Knapsack
Main Material : Plastic
Power: 2.13 kW
Speed: 8000 r/min
Displacement: 41.5CC
Engine Type: Air cooling.2-Stroke, Single Cylinder Gasoline Engine
Capacity Of Tank: 26 Litre
Fan Speed: 8000 r/min
Spray: >= 2.8 Kg/min
Dust: >= 3.0 Kg/min
Horizontal Spray Range: >= 12 m
Vertical Spray Range: >= 8 m
Fuel Mixture: 30 : 1
Engine Model: 1E40FP-3Z
Way of Starting: Recoil Starter
Way of Stopping: Shutting throttle fully
Way Of Ignition: CDI
Spark Plug Electrode Gap: 0.6 – 0.7 mm
Net Weight: 11 Kg
Fuel Consumption: <= 610 g/Kw.h
Dimension: (L)500 x (W)420 x (H)800 mm


Function as Mist duster and Power sprayer
For liquids (water/poison) or air blower(seed)
Adopts gear structure to decrease speed, so it is very durable.
Plunger pump of two directions type.
The structure is simple and compact, so it is easy for the maintenance.
High pressure, big flow and good efficiency make the protection effect is very obvious.
Spraying parts are three nozzles, which are developed and only adopted by our factory in our country.
Spraying range is wide
Anti-electrostatic and small vibration
Low gravity and stable
CDI ignition makes the starting easy
Recoil starting is convenient and safe
Easy operation, high efficiency and low labour tensity
Warranty: 1 year
Standard accessories: Plastic tube, bent pipe, plastic pipe, nozzle, hose, bottle, filter, dusting plate, spraying plate, tool kit, and manual

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