Tokai Hedge Trimmer TT28i

Tokai Hedge Trimmer TT28i is features 600mm double sided blades comes with high-speed and fast cutting power tool. Dual action blades for reduced vibration, precise cutting in both directions and smooth cutting performance. This product has been designed for commercial use in trimming leaves and branches from trees and hedges. The Tokai TT28i allows for optimum comfort and control whilst minimizing the load on arms, shoulders and back. It gives the user greater confidence during operation. Suitable for garden machinery and landscape maintenance.

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Net weight: 5.7 Kg
Outward size: (L)1130 x (W)250 x (H)230 mm
Reduction Rate: 5.1 : 1 (46 : 9)
Type: Double-side blade
Length of blade: 600 mm
Power Transmission Method: Automatic centrifugal clutch, spur gear, cam-crank
Reduction Rate: 4.2 : 1 (63:15)
Engine model: 1E32FL-S
Engine Type: Single-cylinder air cooling 2-cycle gasoline engine
Displacement: 25.4cc
Fuel used: Mixture 30:1
Lubricating oil used: 2-Cycle engine oil
Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.5 Litre
Carburetor: Diaphragm, Rotary valve
Sparking plug: L9T
Sparking Method: IC-controlled fly wheel magnet
Starting method: Recoil starter
Sound power values: <=95 ( db(A) )
Vibration values: <=15 (m/s²)
Idling speed: 2800±200 r/min
Clutch speed: 4000±400 r/min
Max Output Power: 0.65kW
Max. Speed: 7500 r/min


Portable powered
Extremely powerful
Suitable for garden machinery
Efficient engine, Low noise and vibration
High quality and durable
Light weight and easy to use
economy and high power
D-grip front handle for comfortable trimming in any position
Long-lasting sharpness with great cut quality
Rotating rear handle
Button Switch On/Off & button Lock
Warranty 1 year
Standard accessories: Oil bottle, spanar, allen key, plug wrench and manual

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