Tokai Disk Mill 2A

Tokai Disk Mill 2A is extremely quick for produce grinding of medium-hard, fibrous material to analytical fineness.Tokai disk mill 2A is widely used in the agriculture sector.Tokai disk mill 2A is easy to packing, simple operation and no dust pollution.Tokai disk mill 2A widely used to crush and grind grains like rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, millet, cassava, soy bean, sweet potato, barley, spices, cocoa, coffee, fibre feeds and other massive plants.

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Brochure:  Tokai Disk Mill 2A



Model: 2A
Type: Grains Disk Mill
Plate Size: 12”
Required: 10HP
Speed: 550 rpm
Pulley Size: 250 x 100 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Output (Approx): Fine 300 Kg / hour
Output (Approx): Medium 400 Kg / hour
Output (Approx): Coarses 550 kg / hour
Color: Light Blue


Smooth and steady operation
Special design of steel hopper
Easy maintenance and high capacity
Excellent durability
Easy handling
Optimum functionality
Longer service life
Premium quality bearing
Low power consumption
User friendly operations
Rugged construction and easy replaceable grinding plates used for grinding
High grade raw material
Warranty 1 year

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