Tokai Diesel Engine TK125-N / TK125-NE

Tokai TK125N and TK125NE is a horizontal engine type.Tokai diesel engine TK95/NE are built to be heavy-duty, powerful, and efficient diesel engine.Tokai diesel engine TK125N/NE are ideal when you need to power an antire building in case of an emergency power outage.Tokai diesel engine TK95N/NE has very simple structure and compact size.Tokai diesel engine TK125N/NE also easy to carry and supplies rugged power for many applications.Tokai Diesel engine TK125N/NE can be equipped with small tractor,power tiller,agriculture transporter, irrigation, generator sets,small engineering machinery and others products.

Stock Code: 880812007 / 880812007A (Electric)

Brochure:  Tokai Diesel Engine TK125-N / TK125-NE



Type: Single Cylinder Horizontal, 4-Stroke Diesel Engine
Bore x Stroke: 94 x 90 mm
Displacement: 624 cc
Compression Ratio: 18 : 1
Combustion Chamber Type: Direct Injection
Rated Output: 11 Hp
Max. Output: 12.5 Hp
Rated Speed: 2400 rpm
Fuel Consumption at Rated Output: <= 184 g/hph
Lubrication System: Forced lubrication with trochoid pump
Lubrication Oil: AP1 Service CB, CC-class (SAE#30,20,10W/30)
Crankcase Oil Capacity: 2.3L
Fuel: Light Diesel Oil (SAE No.2-D)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 10L
Cooling Water Capacity: 2.1L
Cooling System: Radiator
Starting Method TK125-N: Hand Starting
Starting Method TK125-NE: Hand Starting or Electric Starting
Head Lamp: 12V 45W / 45W
Dry Weight: 112 Kg
Gross Weight: 117 kg
Dimension: (L) 830 x (W) 380 x (H) 645 mm


Efficient and affordable
Energy-saving injector
Low fuel consumption and long service life
Simple structure and compact design
Higher output with low vibration
Smooth running with reliable performance
Light in weight, smaller in size
Lower noise and nice in appearance
Warranty 1 year

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