Samsan Korea Sprayer 40L4

The Samsan Korea 40L4 sprayer is ergonomically designed to confirm to the human hand push, easy to operation. The sprayer comes with a mini-diaphragm pump which is compact in size, lightweight, creates high pressure and has extended service life. It features a pressure protection switch (micro switch) to protect the battery. The supplied charging socket can be used as a 12 Volt power supply in addition to a charging unit. Special charger features intelligent three suction charging (constant current/constant voltage/maintenance) or traditional transform charger. The sprayer is highly-efficient sprayer, suitable for controlling pests in crops, flowers and gardens. Epidemic controlling of livestock and poultry house and sanitation of public places. This sprayer can be operated continuously for up to 4 – 5 hours and spray 400 litre – 500 litre of liquid after one full charging which consume only 0.3kWh – 0.5 kWh of electricity.

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Tank Capacity: 45 Litre
Charger: Input AC 240V (50Hz)
Output: DC 12V 1.2A
Pump: High pressure diaphragm pump
Electric Power: 12V 35W DC
Motor Speed: 2800 – 3200 r/min
DC Motor Diaphragm Pump
Usual Storage Battery Spec: 12V 1.4A – 2A (0.10-0.45MPA)
Spray Capacity: Single Nozzles Spray: 1.5 – 1.6 L/min
Spray Capacity: Double Nozzles Spray: 1.8 – 3 L/min
Continuous Working Time: 8AH
Battery: 4.5 hours (This based on single nozzles spraying. Longer time if double nozzles spraying)
Recharge Time: Continuous 10 hours or above. Regular full discharging and recharging are required with an interval of min two months)
Made in Korea


Structure: This sprayer consists of a sprayer tank, base, battery, mini-pump, charger, spraying system, alarm system, rubber tubes, switch, spraying rod, nozzles etc.
Smooth and steamline appearance.
Easy to operation
Compact size and lightweight
Has an extended service life
The indicator lamps of charger- red charging / green charged or stand by.
Highly-efficient sprayer
Mobile Sprayer
New technology Lithium battery
Better airproof
Durable power
No environment pollution
Comparing with gasoline machine sprayer, no exhaust gas / low noise
Warranty not include battery
Standard Accessories: Toolkit and manual

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