Road Cutter CC-145

CC-145 road cutter comes with strong and simple design ensure accurate cutting concrete and asphalt with power of engine 13hp.The maximum capacity depth of cutter is 145mm with blade size 35mm / 406mm.Smooth and steady up-and-down of cutting blade can be guaranteed due to its screw-type mechanism.

Stock Code: 880324001



Max. Capacity Depth: 145mm
Blade Size: 355mm / 406mm
Arbor Size: 27mm
Driving method: Manual
Blade Rotation: 2700 – 3100rpm
Power: 13HP c/w Honda GX-390
Engine type : Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV
Weight: 125 Kg


As cutter is well balanced to stable performance, the cutting is held uniform in cut-depth, yet is speedy.
Smooth and steady up-and-down (of cutting blade ) can be guaranteed due to its screw-type mechanism.
As body-handle is long and possible to adjust, it is easy to make turn and / or change directions.
Cutting concrete and asphalt.
Road construction, water-piping, gas-piping, telephone and electric cable-laying, concrete ditcing works.
Cutting concrete pavement.
Setting up poles/trees on concrete/Asphalt side-walks.
Any concrete/Asphalt cutting required at building construction, subway, etc.
(blades are sold separately)
(All models are applied for untility models and for registered design)
Made in China

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