Hawk Pellet Mill PM200B

Hawk Pellet Mill PM200B extrude the biomass materials of the forestry and agriculture wastes such as Sawdust, wood chips, straw, rice hulls etc.to mold cylinder pellet fuel. The source of the raw material are wide such as all kind of wood water, rice husk, sawdust and other crops, solid waste, rice husk, palm fiber, corn stalk, cotton stalks, corn cobs, leaves and peanut shells. The production of pellet is glabrous, hard and high-calorific. Furthermore, the user can choose different diameter and compression ratio as needed to get the best technical and economic benefits. The result show that this process is easy in operation and low cost with a high rate of biomass microorganism bacterium.

Stock Code: 881402011

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Motor: Teco Motor
Type: Wood Pelletizer
Capacity For Wood: 80 – 120 Kg/hour
Capacity For Feetstuff: 200 – 300 Kg/hour
Power: 7.5 kW (3 PH)
Die Of Mould: 200 mm
Pellet Length: 1 – 5 cm
Pellet Diameter: 2.5 – 10 mm
Moisture Of Raw: 15% – 20%
Final Product Diameter: 4 – 10 mm
Voltage: 380V/240V
Material: Alloy steel
Net Weight: 200 Kg
Gross Weight: 300 Kg
Dimension: 1000 x 430 x 950 mm


Wide range of application organic fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer can be produced. The processed products are ball granule with uniform size.
Easy operation and low cost
The machine accepts the dry materials
The intensity of product is high
Fluidity is good and easy to clean
Raw material : flour
Application: Grain Feed
Warranty 6 months

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