Hawk Floor Machine FCM002

Hawk Floor Machine FCM002 have outstanding advantages such as being convenient, safe in operation and excellent in cleaning effect. Its handiness and convenience make the whole cause of operation easy. FCM002 especially suitable for cleaning the floor and carpet, wax removing and low-speed polishing of all kinds of floor for large-scale public places such as hotels, restaurants, office buildings and exhibition halls.

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Power: 1.1 kW
Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
Speed: 175 rpm
Noise: < 54dB
Length Of Power Cable: 12m
Diameter Of Base Disc: 17”
Non-load: + 7% difference
Weight: 45 Kg
Safety Performance: Class 1
Interior Structure Material: Aluminum structure
Exterior Structure Material: Plastic Structure
Corrosion Resistance: Acid-proof, Alkali-proof
Impact Resistance: Slight Impact
Accessories: Pad holder, floor brush, hand brush, pin terminal, driving plate, weight iron and water tank
Color: Blue


Suitable for carpet, marble and wooden floor
High efficient in cleaning
Greatly save working time of cleaning
Indispensable and important equipment
Robust and has a long lifespan
Convenient operation and comfortable handle
Reduce waste of detergent
High-density and durable
The height of handle is regulated by the hand-controlling rod
Forceful in operation but steady in rotation speed
Multiple functions as carpet and floor cleaning
Renewing and Crystal effect treatment
Warranty 6 months

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