Diamond Rebar Cutter DC-32WH

The biggest and toughest portable cutter on the market, the DC-32WH produces an amazing 45-ton pressure and effortlessly shears any rebar up to and including 32mm (1 ¼”) 650N/mm² tensile strength in 12 seconds. The DC-32WH cutter is ideal for bridge, highway work, and in small fabrication shops. Originated in 1972;Continuous development has led to higher output, lower weight, and even greater toughness and durability. Fast, safe and economical way to cut large material. Electric motor as power supply with power input 2000 watt and voltage 100V/115V/230V.There are no sparks or flame and it works great on epoxy-coated rebar.

Stock Code: 881307004



Max. rebar diameter: 13-32mm (1 ¼ “)
Cutting speed: 9-12 sec.
Max. tensile strength: 650 N/mm²
Power supply: Electric Motor
Voltage: 100V/115V/230V
Power Input: 2000W
Weight: 35.5kg
Dimensions: (L)590 x(W)180 x(H)270 mm
Warranty: 6 months


No flames, no heat, no sparks
Biggest, toughest portable rebar cutter on market
Lower weight,greater toughness and durability
Fast,safe and economical
Double insulation
Cutter guard
Release valve
Produces 45 tons of pressure
Standard accessories: tool kit,oil cup and plywood case
Made in Japan

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