Diamond Puncher EP-19

Diamond Handy Puncher EP-19 strong enough for punches through steel up to 6 mm thick (stainless steel up to 5 mm). The most powerful punching action produces a burr free, round or elliptical hole far faster and most popular puncher with a throat depth of 55mm.The resulting hydraulic is very large, some hardened textured materials with this tool include iron and stainless steel. Suitable for channel bars as well as flat and angle bars. Max round hole diameter is 20mm and 14 x 21 mm for elliptical holes is possible.

Stock Code: 881307006



Max. hole size – round: 20mm Ø
Max. hole size – elliptical: 14 x 21mm
Max. material thickness – Fe. AI.: 6 mm
Max. material thickness – stainless: 5 mm
Max.Throat depth: 55mm
Power supply: AC 100V/115V/240V / 50Hz
Current : 11A times(double insulated)
Weight: 16.1kg
Dimensions: (L)484 x (W)195 x (H)133mm
Power Input: 1050W
Standard punch & die: 11mm round hole set
Warranty: 6 months


Safety – Just press the button after positioning the workpiece.
Interchangeable punch & dies.
Powerful puncher action produces satisfactory result.
Suitable for stainless steel workpiece.
Easy to use, clean and store.
Lightweight and portable
Double Insulation
Position Stopper
Standard accessories: 11mm Ø punch and die tool kit, side handle, oil cup, and steel carrying case.
Made in Japan

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