Diamond Flush Cutting Saw DFC-20A

The new addition to the DIAMOND line of electric tools for the construction industry, it’s a multipurpose cutting tool that can be used on a lot of different materials found on the job: rebar, all-thread rod, locks, chain, EMT conduit, copper pipe, steel rods, etc. It’s excellent for cutting material flush with concrete. Unique flush-cutting saw blade guard that greatly reduces blade exposure. Comes with 3-position removable side handle. Rotating trigger handle that provides the operator with operator with multiple cutting positions increased manoeuvrability in tight area. This product is manufactured in Japanese standard, quality proven by field tested.

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Brochure:  Diamond Flush Cutting Saw



Max. Tensile strengh: D20mm
Revolution/min: 1650 rpm
Cutting Speed: 3-6 sec
Voltage : 100V/115V/240V / 50Hz
Power Input: 1050W
Ampere: 5A Double Insulation
Cutting Range: 10 – 20mm (concrete reinforcing bar)
Dimension: (L)450 x (W)140 x (H)100 mm
Weight: 3.4kg
Warranty : 6 Months


Perfectly clean cut at surface level
Excellent for narrow places.
Produce openings quickly within seconds.
3 ways side handle.
Safety lock switch.
180 degrees rotating grip.
No sparks and no burrs.
Double Insulation
Standard accessories: tool kit, side handle, safety glasses, dust bag, 1 Chipsaw and plastic carrying case
Made in Japan

The numbers in the table below show the average blade’s span for cutting concrete reinforcing bars at surface level at the most efficient rate. But this shall only be taken as a reference.

Material Diameter Cutting Time Lapses Number Of Cuts
10mm 3 secs. 1000
13mm 3 secs. 1000
16mm 4 secs. 600
19mm 5 secs. 500

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