Diamond Bender DBD-25X

The DBD-25X is compact for portability but highly accurate, fast and simple to use. Helps save valuable man-hours by bending rebar for the job.DBD-25X is prized field model because has two preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bend and of the proven durability and ability to bend 25mm (1”) 560N/mm2 tensile strength rebar’s.The lever type angle selector can be set to accurately bend any angle from 0-180 degrees.

Stock Code : 881308001



Max. rebar diameter 25mm (1 “)
Bending speed: 6 sec. / 180 degrees
Max. tensile strength: 560 N/mm2
Bending angle: Up to 180 degrees
Power supply: Single phase mains electricity / Generator
Voltage: 100V/115V/230V
Power Input: 1330W
Weight: 86.0kg
Warranty: 6 months


No flames, no heat, no sparks
Suited for large construction job or even small fabrication shops
Two preset angle locks
Produces 30 tons of produce
Standard accessories: tool kit, roller kit
Made in Japan

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