Camlock coupling is the most cost-effective quick disconnect solution in many industries. Its user-friendly design, flexibility and innovative technology of the camlock coupling makes it suitable for industrial applications that require the conjunction with pipe, hose, tubing, granules, solids and tanks carrying liquid such as petroleum, chemicals, water, gas and etc. A camlock coupling works by inserting an adapter into the extended arms of the coupler. Extra protection is given by the safety pin in the coupler holes, just in case the cam arms disconnected.

A camlock couplings also referred to as cam and groove fittings come in materials like stainless steel 316, aluminium, and polypropylene. Stainless steel camlock couplers are usually used in food and sanitary industries, agriculture, chemicals, petroleum, construction and material handling. Polypropylene camlock couplers are mainly used for chemicals, coolants, gasolines, hydrocarbons and solvents. Aluminium camlock couplers are mainly used for water, petroleum and chemical transfer. The most common uses for camlock couplings in industrial settings tend to be of larger diameters.




Material: Aluminium , Stainless Steel and Polyproplene
Type DP: Dust Plug
TYPE NO DP050 DP075 DP100 DP125 DP150 DP200 DP250 DP300 DP400 DP500 DP600
SIZES 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ 1-1/4″ 1-1/2″ 2″ 2-1/2″ 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″
D 32 37 45 53 63 76 90 120 146 176
E 20 20 25 30 38 48 59 74 122 148
h 26 31 38 38 45 46 48 48 54 60
H 38 44 51 51 60 63 68 71 79 85


Available in wide variety of sizes and configuration, couplers,reducing couplers,adaptor socket and flanges
Recommended for use with liquids
Heavy-duty couplings
Locking feature using safety clips to prevent disconnection
All camlocks have durable stainless steel cam arm pins
Easy operation and quick connection without use another tools
Interchangeable with all couplings
Lightweight, simple and efficient
User-friendly and flexibility
Female thread – Tapered pipe thread (PT or NPT)
Designed to be serviceable for pipe with male thread or nipple with thread for hose
Please use dust cap in order to prevent abrasion and provide all surface with complete protection from dust, dirt or other foreign matter
Finger rings designed for easy opening of Cam levers.

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