Baker Flour Mixer B-30ES

The Baker Flour Mixer B-30ES can be used to mix flour and stuffing, beat eggs and etc. The Baker Flour Mixer B-30ES operation of the machine is safe and stable. The Baker Flour Mixer B-30ES has multi-speed drive. The Baker Flour Mixer B-30ES users can choose speed to meet different mixing requirements and obtain satisfactory result. The Baker Flour Mixer B-30ES are complete with 3 types of agitator and 3 grades of speed for different mixing purposes. The agitator is designed to do planetary motion inside the bowl where the food can be fully bent. The Baker Flour Mixer B-30ES parts are all in contact with flour are made of stainless steel or their surfaces are specially treated in conformity with hygenic standard. The Baker Flour Mixer B-30ES is applicable to hotel, restaurants, some food factories, medicine productions and chemical indsutries for its satisfying appearance, convenience for operation and high efficiency.

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Brochure:  Baker-Flour-Mixer-ES-series.pdf



Model: B-30ES
Type: Planetary Mixer
Body Material: Cast Iron
Mixing Bowl Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Power Source: Electric
Power: 1100W
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Bowl Capacity: 30 Litre
Kneading Capacity: 3.5 – 7.5 kg
Speed: 94/ 165 / 386 r/min
Net Weight: 90 Kg
Dimension: (L) 590 x (W) 435 x (H) 830 mm


Accessories: Bowl x 2, Dough hook x 1, Flat beater x 1, Egg beater x 1
Smooth and reliably
3 type speed for mixing speed
Lift control handle
Made of stainless steel
Convenience for operation
High efficiency and large capacity
Stainless steel tank is full, clean and easy to clean
High performance commercial use in Bakery industry
Use planetary motion to make the food full blend
Safe protection and good looking
Some grades of working speed and different kinds of agitators
Multi-speed drive
Warranty 1 year

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