Baker Electric Oven YXD-20C

The Baker electric oven YXD-20C are designed suitable for bread and cake baking, as well meat and the other food toasting. The Baker electric oven YXD-20C use the infrared rays to heat oven, the temperature rises evenly and quickly.In addition, The Baker electric oven YXD-20C installed with the superhigh temperature safe protectors and the built-in oven lights especially, so that the baking operation is more convenient and reliable.The Baker electric oven YXD-20C is ideal equipment in hotel, restaurant, bakeries and canteens.

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Brochure:  Baker-Electric-Oven-series-YXD.pdf



Power: 6.5kW
Type: Electric Ovenv
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Phase: 1PH
Layer: 1 layer
Tray: 2 Trays
Temperature Range: 20°C – 400°C
Yield: 20 Kg/h
Gas Consuming Amount: 0.66 Kg/h
Output: 22 – 26 Kg/g
Weight: 108 Kg
Dimension: (L) 1310 x (W) 840 x (H) 525 mm


Used infrared rays to heat oven
Superhigh temperature safe protectors
Built-in oven lights
Convenient and reliable
Stable performance and consistence
Safe protection for temperature exceeding
Fast heat up and saving energy
Top and bottom temperature can be controlled separately
High quality and durable
Warranty 1 year

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