Baker Electric Oven XYF-1DAi

The Baker electric oven XYF-1DAi manufactured by our factory can be used for baking bread, pastry and other kinds of food. The Baker electric oven XYF-1DAi are the ideal device for canteen, catering trade and steamship. The Baker electric oven XYF-1DAi adopts far infra-red radiant tubes as heating element are fitted in all styles of electic oven, it enables the objects baked to be uniformly heated quickly from its inside to the surface with good colour and flavour, conforming with the hygienic standard. The Baker electric oven XYF-1DAi have installed electric automatic- temperature- controlled apparatus, temperature in the ovens ranges from 20ºC to 300ºC and inautomatically controlled which can meet various demands of baking.

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Brochure:  Baker-Electric-Oven-XYF1DAi.pdf



Model: XYF-1DAi
Power: 4.2kW
Type: Electric Oven
Material: Stainless steel
Voltage: 240V
Frequency: 50Hz
Layer: 1 layer
Tray: 1 Trays
Temperature: 20 – 300°C
Gas Consuming Amount: 0.33 Kg/h
Output: 11 – 13 Kg/h
Net Weight: 42 kg
Gross Weight: 47 Kg
Dimension (Outer): (L) 980 x (W) 660 x (H) 520 mm
Dimension (Inner): (L) 620 x (W) 455 x (H) 202 mm


Adopts far infra-red radiant tubes as heating elements
Uniformly heated quickly from inside
Comes with lamp for easy checking food during baking
Conforming with the hygenic standard
Installed automatic-temperature-controlled apparatus
Inautomatically temperature controlled
Top and bottom temperature can be controlled separately
Convenient operation and stable performance
High efficiency
Easy operation
Warranty 1 year

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